How to Use PE Butt Fusion Machine Correctly?

How to Use PE Butt Fusion Machine Correctly?


The butt welding machine is special welding equipment that applies hot-melt butt technology to weld thermoplastic pipes and fittings. So how to use the pe butt fusion splicer correctly, the following article will give you the answer.

1. Principle introduction

The butt fusion machine is special welding equipment that applies hot-melt butt technology to weld thermoplastic pipes and fittings. The welding frame of the butt fusion splicer is separate from the operating system. The different methods used, can be divided into five types: manual, hand-cranked, hand-push, hydraulic semi-automatic, and fully automatic; each type selects different welding tools for different welding environments and different operational convenience.

2. Operation process

First, decide which type of butt fusion machine you need according to the environment you want to construct. We first place the machine in the groove area, lay it flat, and remove the surrounding stones.

Step 1: Take 2 of the pe pipes you need to weld, place them on both sides of the push welder, and fix them with clamps.

Step 2: Align the two tubes so they stay on the same water level.

Step 3: Put on the milling cutter, push the two iron rods on the machine by hand, and push the clamping ring back and forth to make a continuous pe belt.

Step 4: Put the heating plate at about 220°into the middle of the two tubes, and then push the clamping ring to make it flanged.

Step 5: Quickly remove the heating plate, and push the clamping ring with an iron rod, keep it fixed, and the welding can be completed after cooling.

3. Matters needing attention

Make sure that the power input connection part conforms to the standard

Avoid contact with any live devices

Avoid pulling the plug to cut off the power

Do not pull the device directly by the cable

Do not use the welder in a humid environment

When not in use, please keep it in a cool place

The operation steps of the pe hot melt hydraulic butt welding machine can be roughly divided into eight steps: preparation, placement, fixing, milling, centering, heating, welding, and cooling.

Step 1: Preparation, prepare the pe pipe butt fusion machine, including the hydraulic station, milling cutter, heating plate, and other related power supplies, and place the butt frame stably;

Step 2: Placement, place the two sections of pe pipe to be welded in the docking frame, and the connection is disposed of in the middle of the four fixtures of the docking frame.

Step 3: Fix, close the upper and lower brackets of the docking frame and fix the pe pipe with bolts.

Step 4: Milling, take the milling cutter out of the basket, place it in the middle of the two PE pipes, push the joystick of the hydraulic station, and contact the two PE pipes with the milling cutter until the two connecting planes are milled, and a continuous length is milled out. Ribbon debris.

Step 5: Alignment, because the fixed pipe may be offset during the milling process, it must be centered again, and the amount of misalignment must be adjusted. Of course, care must be taken not to contaminate the port, otherwise, milling must be performed again.

Step 6: Heating, put the milling cutter back into the basket, take the heating plate out of the basket, and put it in the middle of the two pe pipes for heating. After the two pipes start to flange and meet the requirements, put them back on the heating plate.

Step 7: Welding, after taking out the hot plate, immediately close the PE port to be welded according to the required pressure.

Step 8: Cooling is complete.

The above describes in detail how to use the pe butt fusion splicer correctly. If you want to buy a butt fusion splicer, please contact us.

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