How to Improve the Butt Welding Efficiency of the Butt Fusion Machine?

How to Improve the Butt Welding Efficiency of the Butt Fusion Machine?


To improve the welding efficiency of the butt fusion machine, the equipment must be operated correctly and other related factors must be controlled. This article will specifically introduce methods to improve the efficiency of hot melt welding machines.

 methods to improve the efficiency of hot melt welding machines
Butt fusion involves the simultaneous heating of the ends of two pipe/fitting components which are to be joined, until a molten state is attained on each contact surface.

The two surfaces are then brought together under controlled pressure for a specific cooling time and a homogeneous fusion joint is formed. The resultant joint is fully resistant to end loads and has comparable performance under pressure to the pipe itself. Through the following control of the correct operation of the butt fusion machine and other factors, we can improve the accuracy and efficiency of pipe joints.

1.Before connecting the welding machine power, the welding operator should be familiar with and master all aspects of the welding machine, and read and understand the operation manual of the welding machine. Before starting the welding work, the welding operator should check and ensure that the generator power is sufficient and the fuel oil is sufficient.

The generator is recommended to be used together with a voltage stabilizer. And check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, and whether the power supply cable meets the requirements.

2. The fixture is supplied with the butt fusion machine. Fixtures are used to clamp pipes with a smaller diameter than normal welders. Each set of fixtures is equipped with suitable bolts for fixing the fixture to the frame. The supplied hexagonal special wrench is used to tighten these bolts. Please pay attention to the selection Use bolts of appropriate length.

3. You can input the required relevant parameters through the touch keys distributed on the panel, namely "→", "←", "↑", "↓" and "Confirm" keys. Once the information is entered, press "Reset" /Stop" key terminates the input operation.

4.The butt welding machines used to weld PE pipes have controls to ensure the welding parameters are strictly adhered to. The following parameters are controlled:

(1) heater plate temperature

(2) ovality and alignment

(3 ) interface pressure

(4) bead width

(5) heat soak time

(6) changeover time

5.Control of these is necessary to ensure premature failure of the weld does not occur. The field conditions under which PE pipePE pipe is welded have a considerable effect on the strength of the joint. In order to achieve an acceptable weld three elements are essential:

(1) Cleanliness: Because contamination will ruin joints.

(2) Technique: Most owners of PE pipe systems require that people performing butt welding of PE pipes are qualified by completing a recognised training course.

(3) Correctly designed equipment with proper maintenance: Correct welding temperatures, welding procedures and pipe facing tools must be maintained in tolerance and in good condition.

The resulting joint, if it has been properly made, is as strong as the original pipe and can withstand all the loads applied during routine installation and operation.

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