How to Ensure the Welding Quality of Butt Fusion Machine?

How to Ensure the Welding Quality of Butt Fusion Machine?


If there is a problem in the operation of the butt fusion machine, the quality of the pipe welding will be poor. This article will specifically introduce the method to ensure the operation effect of the butt fusion machine.

How to Ensure the Welding Quality of Butt Fusion Machine?
ensure the operation effect of the butt fusion machine
The process control of butt fusion is carried out for the steps of hot-melt welding, rather than the qualification judgment based on the quality of the final weld joint. Among them, several influencing factors are very important, including temperature, time, and pressure. If you want to ensure the welding quality of the butt fusion machine, you must pay attention to the following points.

(1) Choose a suitable butt fusion machine

Choose a butt fusion machine that can perform standardized welding according to the preset data parameter curve, and can ensure that the cross-section of the PE pipe welding interface is smooth and clean, the preheating temperature meets the relevant requirements.

(2) Control the welding site reasonably 

The welding construction site should be determined according to the actual situation. In case of wind and rain, a mobile work tent should be set up in time to prevent the welding joint from being affected by dust and rain, and to ensure the preheating temperature. If welding is carried out outdoor, a template should be laid under the welding machine to ensure that the welding machine is placed horizontally to prevent the protrusions under the welding machine from affecting the welding process.

When welding PE pipes, the pipes around the welding machine should be erected on the rolling guide bracket to prevent friction between the pipe and ground debris and ensure that the pipe surface will not be damaged.

(3) Equipped with UPS regulated power supply

Since the welding of PE pipes is mostly carried out outdoors, the power and output voltage of the generator may be unstable, causing the welding quality to fail to meet the requirements. Therefore, a UPS power supply is required.

(4) Ensure the cleanliness of the hot-melt welder and nozzle

Ensure that the pipe end planer is clean and free of debris, the working surface of the welding machine heating plate is clean and tidy; the heating plate should be placed in a clean insulation tube during the non-working period; the welder should master the manual centering and hydraulic pushing methods of the PE pipe, and be familiar with the use of concentric clamps smooths the thrust, which is helpful to avoid the wrong edge of the weld.

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