Features and Advantages of Automatic Butt Fusion Machine

Features and Advantages of Automatic Butt Fusion Machine


The automatic butt fusion machine is more convenient and efficient to connect pipe fittings and pipelines. This article will specifically introduce the characteristics and advantages of the automatic butt fusion machine.

the features and advantages of the automatic butt fusion machine

The control box of the automatic butt fusion machine is connected with a pressure sensor and a temperature probe, which can control and automatically adjust the temperature of the heating plate and can also control the time parameters of the 5 stages. Different pressure and maintenance times can be set and recorded in each stage during work. Each work cycle can be automatically recorded and repeated operations. The following is a detailed introduction to the features and advantages of the automatic butt fusion machine.

Automatic butt fusion machines generally have the following characteristics:

 1. The welding machine automatically measures the drag pressure during the whole process of welding.

2. Welding time, temperature, and pressure are all self-controlled.

3. The welding parameters are automatically generated, and the heating time is automatically controlled.

4. The automatic butt fusion machine implements automatic monitoring and prompting of the whole process in each operation step during the welding process.

5. The automatic ejection of the heating plate can also be taken out manually, and the temperature loss is reduced to a minimum (from the automatic ejection, the mold clamping time is automatically controlled within the minimum range).

6. The best welding (welding) parameters of different materials, calibers, and SDR pipes of the automatic hot melt butt fusion machine have been set in advance (select caliber, material, serial number).

7. The dynamic data of the welding process can be printed out, or downloaded to the USB of the quality inspector through the data transmission system, so as to review the on-site performance of the welder and the operator.

Advantages of automatic butt fusion machine

1. The automatic butt fusion machine adopts an IC closed-loop design, which can accurately control the procedures and welding parameters in the welding process, and carry out each welding process step by step to ensure the completeness, accuracy, and reliability of welding.

2. It has a data automatic program-controlled operating system, and stores all the current ISO, UNI, DVS, WIS, etc. 8 kinds of universal welding standard parameters for the operator to choose. If you have special welding needs, you can also set the ones that suit your needs. Welding parameters.

3. Its displacement detection system can accurately control the degree of hemming in the second stage of welding, and provide reliable data for accurate welding. The data can be saved by printing, which cannot be done by other machines without a displacement detection system.

4. With humanized design, the highest protection level is adopted for dust-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-leakage prevention, which is more suitable for working in various harsh environmental conditions.

Whether in terms of portability of operation or efficiency of operation, the automatic butt fusion machine is excellent pipeline welding equipment. If you want to know more about pipe butt fusion machines after reviewing the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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