The Basic Operation of Butt Fusion Machines

The Basic Operation of Butt Fusion Machines


The butt fusion machine is a device that uses the resistance heat of the workpiece to weld two workpieces along the entire contact surface. This article will specifically introduce the basic operation of the butt fusion machine.

 the basic operation of the butt fusion machine
The butt fusion machine has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability and can dock fuse pipes and accessories of various pressure levels. However, we should strictly follow the use standards during the operation. The following is the basic operation of the butt fusion machine.

1. Preparation for welding

After installation, wiring, and piping are completed, in order to obtain a good welding effect, please refer to the instruction manual of the control device and prepare for welding.

(1) Confirmation of cooling water circulation and water temperature

Turn on the water supply switch to confirm the flow of cooling water. Please use industrial water with a normal temperature of 5-30°C, especially those using loop water cooling. When the cooling water flow is insufficient or the water temperature exceeds 30°C, the thermal (start) relay will operate due to higher than the rated load duration, so it will not start and there will be no welding current. In addition, pay attention to the piping system not to freeze.

(2) Adjustment of electrode pressure

Use the pressure-reducing valve to adjust the compressed air to make the electrode pressure adapt to the thickness of the welded object. The right-hand turning pressure-reducing valve electrode pressure increases, while the left-hand turns decrease. At this time, the action selector switch of the control device should be set on the side of "Check" to make Adjust the pressure head movement.

(3) Electrode correction

When the electrode tip is damaged or not suitable for the workpiece, it is required to correct the electrode. Special tools are used to trim the electrode until it is in the right shape.

2. Speed adjustment

By changing the screws on both sides of the pressure head, the descending and ascending speeds can be adjusted arbitrarily. Right-hand rotation becomes slower, and left-hand rotation becomes faster. After adjusting the appropriate speed, be sure to fix it with locknuts.

3. Welding adjustment steps

(1) First adjust the cylinder pressure to about the required pressure.

(2) Estimate the welding heat based on the workpiece and set it to a smaller value first.

(3) When welding, gradually increase the parameter value from the small standard welding to the welding ability, observe that there is no spark splash, and adjust the welding effect to a satisfactory welding effect by changing the welding pressure.

(5) For the welded workpiece, perform a destructive test (tensile strength or tear test).

(6) If the desired effect cannot be achieved even if the welding conditions have been adjusted to the maximum, it means that the power of the model you selected is insufficient and you need to use a larger power model for welding.

4. Operation steps

(1) Power on Plug in the power, turn on the power switch on the upper panel, the control panel is powered on, the power indicator is on, and it enters the working state.

(2) Test: Press the "Test" button, adjust the indicator light, step on the footswitch, the electrode is pressed down, released, and the electrode rises.

(3) Parameter setting: Set welding parameters.

(4) Welding: Press the "welding" button, the welding permission indicator light is on, and welding is possible.

(5) Shutdown: Turn off the panel power switch, turn off the power switch, turn off the external main power supply of the device, and turn off the air source and water circuit switches.

5. Precautions when stopping

(1) If low-temperature cooling water flows at high temperatures, the moisture of the air adheres to the water-cooled parts, forming droplets on the water-cooled parts (welding transformers, conductor tubes, etc.), which will cause insulation deterioration, so be sure to cut off the cooling water when not soldering.

(2) After use in cold areas, all the cooling water must be discharged, otherwise the remaining water will freeze and the water-cooled part and pipes will rupture, and compressed air can be blown into the water supply pipe to completely drain the water.

(3) When the welding is stopped at night, the air pressure regulator should be completely drained (0kgf/cm2), the remaining oil smoke will cause malfunction.

And we use compressed air to blow off the water in the pipeline after the operation in winter to avoid freezing and cracking the water pipe. If you want to know more about the butt fusion machine after reading the above content, you can contact us for professional solutions. And we provide a variety of butt fusion machines with excellent quality, which can meet your diverse needs.

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