The Functions of Welding Data Loggers

The Functions of Welding Data Loggers


The welding parameter display recorder is a testing instrument suitable for the welding industry, and it is an ideal monitoring equipment in the process of welding test and welding quality supervision. This article will introduce the function of welding data loggers in detail.

In the past, the welding industry's monitoring of the welding process and the detection methods of the welding process were very backward, basically relying on the testers to look at the electric meter with their eyes and to read the stopwatch to test. This is not only a lot of work, but also often unreliable data; it is even impossible to understand the transient changes of welding parameters. This directly affects the improvement of the technological level of the welding industry. From this, the welding data loggers is generated.



1. This instrument is suitable for AC and DC manual welding machines, semi-automatic welding machines, automatic welding machines, and can be used to display and record various welding tests such as manual welding, gas shielded welding, submerged arc automatic welding, MIG, TIG, plasma arc welding, etc. data record.


2. The user can set and modify the date, time, process number, and data sampling rate of the welding test.


3. During the welding test, the instrument automatically records the time to start welding, displays and records various welding parameters, and automatically displays the welding duration; if the interval between two welding operations is long, it can automatically record the data in batches.


4. The instrument can store the recorded welding parameters in the U disk, or print out and send to the host computer.


5. The instrument can indirectly measure the welding speed of manual arc welding. According to the welding length input by the user and the accumulated welding time measured by the instrument, through calculation, the average welding speed is displayed and recorded.


6. The instrument can increase the function of measuring welding parameters of multiple welding machines according to user requirements.


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